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We are a company primarily engaged in high-end real estate planning and development in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Sapporo, Hokkaido. Our goal is to accurately understand the characteristics and needs of our customers, to create more comfortable and secure living environments. Our team focuses on the planning and development of high-end luxury houses, condominiums, and single-stand residences. With specialized knowledge in brand planning and development of properties and expertise in real estate purchases, we provide the best living environments to make them fit to our customer's needs. Additionally, our team members have built a strong sales network and are well-versed in commercial real estate planning and development investment. We also possess extensive knowledge and experience in property management. Furthermore, we are proactively involved in Tokyo's hotel planning, development, ownership, and operation. Our family-friendly hotels have received high praise from international guests, earning 9.5 points or higher ratings on In the hotel industry, our Ent Terrace Series is known for its high-quality services, ensuring our guests' comfortable stays. In the US, we have established corporate entities in Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, engaging in single-stand development and luxury single-stand rental businesses. Also have ventured into the ownership of high-end real estate, providing the best living environments tailored to local needs. Moreover, we are committed to the real estate DX (GLOCALY) business and have expanded into multilingual AI development and translation services. This enables us to offer the finest services to customers worldwide. Our members are always prepared to adapt to changes in the future of the real estate industry and provide optimal solutions to meet our customers' needs and will continue to offer the highest level of real estate services.

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