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Nao Murakami

Founder & General Partner, Incubate Fund Asia

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Incubate Fund is a venture capital firm specializing in pre-seed to seed stage investments, originating from Japan, and is the largest early stage focused VC in Japan. Incubate Fund has a strong thesis-driven towards our early-stage investments and placed a heavy emphasis on portfolio management. In 2016, recognizing the promising potential of the Indian startup ecosystem, Incubate Fund expanded its reach and established Incubate Fund India which has now been rebranded as Incubate Fund Asia, a dedicated entity focused exclusively on supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in India and Southeast Asia. Incubate Fund maintains offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mountain View, and São Paulo. Our extensive portfolio comprises a diverse array of startups from across Asia and America, serving as a valuable resource of case studies that meticulously document the successes and challenges faced by these entrepreneurial ventures and provide our portfolio companies with networks to different markets.

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