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Yvette Yeh Fung

Chair, The Yeh Family Philanthropy


Mrs. Yvette Yeh Fung is Chair of The Yeh Family Philanthropy, and a director of Hsin Chong International Holdings Ltd. Strongly influenced by her family’s belief that “to whom much is given, much is expected,” Yvette has undertaken a decade-long journey into philanthropy that has combined her passion with a continuing tribute to her father’s memory. In 2019, Yvette initiated an effort to institutionalize the family’s giving processes and embark on an ambitious five-year strategy to create impact at scale among Hong Kong and China’s youth.

Yvette further contributes to the community through public service positions. Examples include sitting as a Council Member for The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2010-2016), Council Member for the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf (2007-2017), a member of Stanford Law School’s Board of Visitors (1997-98 and 2010 to present), and its Asia Advisory Board (2015 to present), honorary member of the Court for HKUST (2021 to present) and as a member of the Board of Stewards of The Education University of Hong Kong Foundation (2021 to present).

Yvette is a graduate of Stanford University (B.A. and J.D.) and UCLA (M.B.A). She received an honorary fellowship from HKUST in 2021. She and her husband have two daughters and enjoy traveling immensely.

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