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Thomas Vergnaud

Co-CIO, SBL Capital


Thomas Vergnaud has been working in Finance for over 29 years and holds a diploma of civil engineering from ESTP and a Master of International Finance from HEC Paris. He spent the first part of his career in Equity Derivatives Trading and Management in few banks such as Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank where he successfully managed a team of 50 people across the world. He also worked in various Hedge Funds (Citadel, Twenty First Capital, Boussard § Gavaudan….) Since 2015 he started focusing on Asset Back Lending, launched a Direct Lending Fund in 2017 at Twenty First Capital before moving to Boussard & Gavaudan in January 2018 where he launched and managed the property asset backed lending portfolio. He invested in more than USD 350m worth of Loans Participations delivering an average annual net performance of 8.88% with low volatility and no capital losses.

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