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Angel Low

Managing Partner, Growth Charger


Angel is Managing Partner for Growth Charger, an incubator and accelerator focused solely on nurturing promising startups in Southeast Asia. In this year alone, we have more than 90+ portfolio companies, across 7+ industries. She is also a principal for The Hive Southeast Asia, a recipient of Dana Penjana Nasional (under Ministry of Finance Malaysia) a RM$50MM fund focused on Seed stage technology companies.

Prior to Growth Charger, Angel Low was previously in a fund under MAVCAP and has worked in a Private Equity firm based in China, focusing on consumer, TMT and healthcare. She also dedicated her time in developing realities and opportunities to overseas Chinese enterprises such as CCCC and SINOSURE to open up the Belt & Road initiative. During her tenure in China, she was involved in the due diligence and investment committee processes for hyper-growth companies such as Lunkin Coffee and

With multiple experiences dealing with small/fast technology companies, Angel Low is also a firm supporter in a more inclusive venture capital industry which in turn will create more opportunities for under-represented founders. She firmly believes that creating more opportunities for under-represented founders is essential for a thriving and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, and she actively champions this cause within the industry. Angel's role as a growth charger extends beyond financial investments; it encompasses her dedication to nurturing and empowering the next generation of successful startups.

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